Uncover forensic radiology

eXero-dr for Lodox – Johannesburg, South Africa The world’s first digital radiology solution premeditated for forensic pathology has been developed on South African soil. The eXero-dr has low radiation emission and provides full-body X-ray images of exceptional quality in only 13 seconds.- SuperUltra is Lodox’s product design and commercialization partner, redesigning the eXero-dr specifically for forensic use, with a strong focus on water proofing and drainage. In addition we did a short product animation on how the machine an user interface works.

Market Understanding / Industrial Design / User Experience / Sourcing Support / Product Animation / Graphic Design


The scanner and operating console with new look and feel.


Forensic driven design.


Addition of the Smart Trolley to the forensic offering.

An animated video of how the eXero-dr works.