A powerful set of learning tools

Some of What We Offer


Short Immersions


- 1 Hour -

Introduction to Design Thinking 

Learning the principles of applying design and creativity to build business value. 

A high-level understanding of the main principles of design thinking and the design process and how it can assist you in unleashing creative potential. 


- 3/4 Day -

Introduction to Human Centered Design and Storytelling

How Human-Centred design transforms customers 

By utilizing Human-Centred design, the actual needs and wants of the end user become clear and businesses are able to create relevant products from the ground up. An understanding of how focusing on the customer, instead of business objectives leads to more relevant solutions and possible revenue increase. 



Deeper Dives


- 1 Day -

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A better understanding of the power of the entrepreneurial mindset and how it will add value to the business on all levels. 

This day combines the innovative approach of Design Thinking with the opportunity identifying skill set of an entrepreneur. Participants are tasked with completing an applied exercise in entrepreneurial thinking within the organization to uncover new areas of opportunity. 


- 1 Day -

Digital Prototyping

Learn how to use User Experience and User Interface design to quickly create navigable and usable app wire-frames. 

In today’s fast paced, digital world, a start-up mentality is key to creating and launching products quickly. This design session teaches the basic skills and tools used to move from a concept to a digital wire-frame that can be used for a rapid MVP roll-out. 



Design In-Depth


- 2 Day -

Innovation and Customer Centricity

Creating an Innovation capability within your organization 

A high-level understanding of the design process phases, as well as an understanding of how to apply design thinking to a business problem. This session explains the concepts and process behind the new approach to innovation called Design Thinking. It shows how it is applied to create growth or improve efficiency. 


- 2 Day -

Practical Innovation

Demystifies the inner workings of an innovation process.

Develops creative confidence. Gives experience in creating practical business innovations. This fascinating course introduces the process of creating new value to teams through a fun, hypothetical challenge. It then applies the process to real business scenarios.  



Breakthrough Innovation


- 5 Days over 3 Months - 

Full Design Sprint

A deep dive to create new products and services 

Our hugely successful flagship programme. Working with a design team to create new products, services, processes and experiences that radically impact the organization. Understanding of the various ways in which a prototype can be tested in real life to examine assumptions and refine the idea.



What We Do



Capability Building

We Build an Innovation Capability Into Your Organisation


Build a design-centric culture

We guide teams of employees through projects using the design process. We help executives to select the most valuable and appropriate projects and allocate budgets towards them. We help establish a continuous cycle of identifying business needs, recruiting multi-disciplinary teams and running design projects. Over time every employee can join a team and implement a solution. Each person who has run a project is automatically a mentor to teams running their first project. This scales the capability exponentially until our input is no longer needed and the organization has acquired the capability. 

Own a new set of capabilities

Companies who have found the greatest benefit from continuous innovation have done so by building a permanent ability to create into their operations. This is cheaper than using outside consultants, it builds employees’  own skills and it creates a sustainable ability to continuously innovate. In addition it creates a new work experience resulting in more engaged employees. 



Case Studies