Minimalist "Raven" Scooter Makes Urban Traveling a Pleasure


New kid on the block citybirds is changing the way people approach their daily commute by creating a lightweight, uber-functional and stylish range of scooters — designed by ignas survila — aimed at taking the stress out of getting from A to B. after a successful kickstarter campaign to launch their debut project ‘pigeon’ (see previously), the group are now accepting pre-orders for their newest offering — ‘raven’.

While ‘pigeon’ brought a percussive splash of color to our city streets, survila’s ‘raven’ scooter is a more mature, luxurious iteration of citybirds’ minimal, collapsible aesthetic. designed to be as portable as possible, the carbon-fibre body of the ‘raven’ is devoid of sharp edges, allowing it to be held comfortably for long periods of time and minimizing the chance of awkward subway confrontations. the frame appears as a fluid, streamlined unit, and thanks to a single linear hole in the deck, pushing a pedal will make the raven fold up into a completely flat-packed state. when the time comes to hang up your wheels, the curved handles fold flush along the center bar and a groove just above the front wheel means the raven can be slung over your shoulder and carried with ease.

From DesignBoom