Tetris-like furniture that adapts to changing offices


tetris table by people's industrial design office offers a variety of different configurations

conceived by people’s industrial design office — a branch of beijing-based firm people’s architecture office — the ‘tetris table’ has been designed to accommodate the unpredictable needs of companies in flux. its name, which pays homage to the popular tile-matching puzzle video game, references the way the individual desks can come together to form one large surface. comprising five interlocking ‘puzzle pieces’, the table allows for a range of different configurations.


all images by 51 photos / people’s industrial design office 

the individual pieces can fit together as one long conference table or be grouped as smaller clusters for more intimate collaboration. consequently, the design enables one space to accommodate multiple uses. surfaces are shaped with perpendicular notches and protrusions that have been designed to lock together easily. therefore, an assembled table can be lifted on either end without coming apart. the tables can even be stacked for storage, while lockable castors allow for maximum flexibility.


surfaces are shaped with perpendicular notches and protrusions

the ‘tetris table’ is used in the studio of people’s architecture office, accompanying other items of furniture designed by the practice. the project has since received a variety of awards. other works by people’s industrial design office include a 3D scanning booth that digitizes its subjects, and a solar-powered bike farm that toured the streets of seoul.


small voids allow wires to be neatly connected beneath the surface


the tables can also be stacked for storage


the individual pieces fit together as one long conference table


the tables can form smaller clusters for collaboration in groups


the design enables one space to accommodate multiple uses

project info:

materials: wood, steel
principal: he zhe, james shen, zang feng
project team: eugene kwak, yan pu, xu xi, niu lei, xiang weixing
photography: 51 photos, people’s industrial design office (PIDO)

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