Electric skateboards are the new electric cars, sorry Elon.


stark mobility's electric skateboard is controlled by weight and motion sensors

as convenient as electric skateboards may seem, it doesn’t feel completely intuitive controlling the board beneath your feet with a handheld remote control. acceleration and braking doesn’t feel natural in the hand when it was originally practiced by foot on a board. stark mobility, a berlin-based start-up, removes the handheld device completely with its ‘stark board’, which can be controlled by simply stepping on it, tilting your body, and riding away.


all images © stark mobility

stark mobility’s electric board is driven by two hub motors and an AI-powered smart braking system that can react to human movements — if the rider leans forward, the board follows accordingly. the eBoard features a gyroscope sensor, plus weight and motion sensors to detect changes in body position, and adjust its own motion automatically. for acceleration, riders can hit speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, while the battery is said to power it for up to 21 kilometers (13 miles). the eBoard also features LED lights, which enable safe riding in dark conditions, while its the ‘IP62’ rating means that it is both splash and dust-proof.


stark mobility is reaching out for funding via its indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed in detail here.