Smart travelling is the way to go


any frequent traveler will be familiar with the inconvenience that comes with hauling around a heavy suitcase, not to mention the fear of your bag getting stolen, or ending up on the wrong flight. there’s a reason that the term ‘extra baggage’ has taken on such negative connotations, and that’s exactly the problem the team at samsara set out to solve with their smart suitcase. made from aluminum, the samsara suitcase is ultra lightweight, yet robust enough to resist any knocks it might take along the journey, protecting its contents. both recyclable and fireproof, the case is covered with an anodized coating, to increase its strength without adding extra weight. 

the luggage comes with a whole array of smart features, to make sure that your belongings stay safe and sound wherever you go. connected to your phone via an app, the samsara suitcase instantly sends you a notification should your luggage move away from you. if someone else tries to open the case, it will buzz your phone to let you know. designed by a forward-thinking creative team, the case sets out to blend cutting edge technology with a classic look. the brand name–samsara–means continuous movement, aptly describing the unique wheel design makes the suitcase smooth and easy to drag the case in any direction. by using spinner wheels, the team have added 5 cm to the body of the suitcase, translating to four liters of extra packing space. 

the technology and design finesse doesn’t stop the the case’s outer–built in LED lights make it easy to see what’s inside, even at night. within the case, samsara already has everything you need for your trip: packing bags, a toiletries bag, a garment bag, and even a folding gym bag for when you hit the gym while traveling.with a built-in power pack, the samsara suitcase can even charge up your devices via USB.