Everybody’s gone surfing in electric style


created by french designer and entrepreneur mathieu rauzier, the rayvolt ‘cruzer’ is a vintage café racer-styled electric bicycle that can carry a surfboard. known throughout the world of paddleboarding as head of design for watersports brand, starboard, rauzier aims to introduce a new style of beach cruising with this elegant and eco-friendly e-bike.


all images © rayvolt bike

the rayvolt ‘cruzer’s’ design cues are reminiscent of iconic motorcycles, such as the indian ‘chief’, or the triumph ‘speed twin’. rauzier’s e-bike was inspired by finding a clean way to go surfing — most watersports enthusiasts have a great respect for nature, which isn’t always reflected in wider industry dynamics and manufacturing. rayvolt’s goal has always been to contribute to the new clean watersports movement. the ‘cruzer’ is synonymous with this, combining solar power, and intelligent energy recovery, with a 100% sustainable manufacturing process.


the electric ‘cruzer’s’ powerful engine is completely silent, while its onboard computer lets rider’s adjust the levels of power and energy consumption. it also boasts a multimedia player, plus a solar cover that helps recharge the battery when stationary. using its ‘intelligent pedal assist system’ riders can change the bike’s settings to suit the gradient of the surface below, while a built-in GPS maps-out routes, and gives directions, which can be saved for future reference. when connected to 3G, this also enables people to easily locate the bike easily using a smartphone.


rayvolt bike is an engineering company based in the historic neighborhood of el born in barcelona, spain. the company’s name is derived from the sun’s rays, and the electrical unit volt. the brand stands for alternativem, and visionary transportation concepts, clean energy, and a high-end sustainable lifestyle.