Introducing: a clean dirtbike.


limited to just 50 editions, the cake ‘KALK’ motorcycle races on to the off-road scene with an all-mastering, all-electrified performance. it is powered by a 15 kW mid-motor and 1.8 volt, 50 Ah battery that propels it to a top speed of 50 mph, while travelling up to 50 miles on a single charge. whether on dirt or snow, the two-wheeler truly showcases its combined focus on off-road performance and innovation.


the cake KALK motorcycle is said to define a new category of bikes
all images courtesy of cake

with orders set to be delivered in june 2018, each cake ‘KALK’ motorcycle will be numbered and signed to mark its exclusiveness. this is no wonder though, as nearly every single component had to be developed from scratch in order to meet its intended level of quality and durability. claiming to have such an advanced design that the bike defines a new category, much of its engineering – axles, hubs, rims, cockpit and suspension – have led to numerous patent requests. these unique features include an array of CNC-machined alloy parts, together with ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber components.


the electric motorbike can accelerate to a top speed of 50 mph, while travelling for up to 50 miles on one charge


it is fabricated from carbon fiber and CNC-machined alloy components


the majority of the bike’s components are build from scratch


a close-up of the 15 kW mid-motor and 1.8 volt, 50 Ah battery


each edition is numbered and signed to mark its exclusiveness

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