This sophisticated desk toy can magically levitate water droplets.


experience the impossible’ says simplistyk as we double-take on this gravity defying gadget that levitates not just water but also light. the ‘leviZen’ aims to bring outer spaceto your desk in terms of astronomically-advanced technology and the free floating freedom of the much of the universe itself.


all images courtesy of simplistyk

simplistyk’s ‘levizen’ levitator uses silent, high frequency sound waves to levitate all types of liquids, not just water. furthermore, with two spot LEDS, it can make the floating drop light up in the air as well, making it appear like an actual light source.


the product, which is meant to be proudly displayed upon your desk, is divided into two sections: the levitator and the box, where all the main electrics are housed. both are meticulously crafted from fine walnut wood and precision CNC machined aluminum. the results, further enhanced by the three toggle switches on the box, adorn a retro aesthetic.


simplistyk is currently seeking funding for the liquid levitator via crowd sourcing on its kickstarter page.