The Chill-Can uses CO2 to instantly chill a room temperature drink.


When the weather gets warm, there’s nothing better than cracking open a nice cold beer to quench your thirst. Unfortunately, chilling that beer in the first place can take quite some time. That is, unless your beverage comes inside of the Chill-Can.

With a design so clever we wish we had thought of it first, this beverage container can cool down the liquid inside instantly. All you have to do is twist the bottom of the can and a canister of CO2 will crack open in the can’s center and drop the temperature of the liquids inside by up to 30 degrees (without direct contact, of course). That means you could theoretically grab a beer right off your dry storage shelf in the garage and enjoy it without ever having to stick it in your fridge or cooler. This might be the biggest beverage game-changer since cans themselves. It’s limited to just 8-ounce cans of cold brew coffee for now, but we can’t imagine this tech won’t make its way into the beer world soon.

From HiConsumption