These Tents, made of 100% recyclable cardboard, are helping music festivals cut down on waste.


dutch company offers a solution to one of music festival’s biggest problems – waste. each year mountains of land waste are left behind formed of the things people can’t be bothered to deal with, one of which is tents. offering a more eco-friendly, easy-to-throw-away alternative, designers wout kommer & jan portheine have created kartent, a 100% recyclable cardboard for the 3-day festival.


images courtesy of kartent

the kartent is made entirely out of un-coated and thick cardboard providing a structural strength not found in a standard tent. each tent is designed to host two people with room for storage and has a 3.3-square-meter floor plan with a small back window to keep it fresh. according to their website a kartent ‘will stay dry with some showers for sure’ and ‘will perform similar under heavy conditions as a regular tent would‘ for several days.


kartent partners with festivals to pre-pitch their tents meaning festival-goers don’t need to carry the extra weight. at the end of the festival kartent takes the waste to a local recycling facility. they also offer an opportunity for brands to advertise on the sides of them, reducing the price for the consumer which can range from €34.95 (that’s about $40) for a junior size and a ‘home’ size for €49.95 (around $56).