Say goodbye to lonely socks, this Danish company is rethinking socks from the ground up.


Solosocks (based in Copenhagen, Denmark) has an innovative new way to solve the age old problem of “what do I do when one of my socks goes missing?” Solosocks comes in a pack of seven specially coordinated socks that match in design and color but can be paired with each other even when one gets eaten by the sock monster.

They are fashionable, fun, come in a variety of cuts and sizes and the new ad campaign (photographed by Kelley Hudson) perfectly highlights their innovation with bright colors and a summertime feel… oh and super hot models.

Their newest Kickstarter campaign selling the No-Show line was fully funded in 24hrs and is now sold out! These are truly one of the best new sustainable products out there, I especially LOVE the packages that can be reassembled into drawer organizers. Check this idea out!