Finally, someone has figured out how to make the clothes that you buy online fit perfectly.


Clothing retailers would love for you to buy their threads online, cutting out the costly brick-and-mortar middleman. But there's been no digital equivalent of a fitting room, so companies take losses by offering liberal return policies; your average consumer will order two or three of the same garment in different sizes, returning the ones that don't fit--at the company's expense.

To solve this, a Japanese company called Start Today has designed a piece of clothing that they'll send to you for free, and which you're never meant to wear in public. Their Zozosuit is a black, tight-fitting full body suit covered in 350 white markers. 


Put it on, and slowly rotate in place while a non-judgmental friend snaps photos with a smartphone. The company's algorithm then turns those images into an accurate 3D scan of your body, allowing you to order precisely-fitting clothes from one of Start Today's "Zozotown" e-commerce platform, which encompasses about 6,400 clothing brands.

It's a clever idea, and the Zozosuits only cost the company $9 to make. You'd just better pray that no one hacks your phone and releases those images of you spinning around while dressed like Andy Serkis.

From Core77