New smart luggage makes racking up those frequent flyer miles a breeze


jey&em presents ‘ONE’ – a smart luggage case that focuses on meeting the needs of the ‘nomad’ generation and making work-related traveling easier. as journeying farther and wider becomes the norm, the designers have looked at how to make that process simpler and more convenient for those frequent flyers. as opposed to searching for a socket at the airport to plug your phone into, or scrambling to take out your laptop at security, the suitcase includes a number of handy features, such as a detachable laptop case, a power bank and bluetooth trackers.


the concept behind jey&em‘s project understands that luggage is a key part of any business trip. the designers have therefore created ‘ONE’ to fit the carry-on dimensions approved by most airlines, meaning it can be stowed in overhead compartments. the detachable laptop case can click on and off the main body, allowing users to quickly and easily access their mobile office. the case is also designed to house all your necessary chargers and cables.


in addition, ‘ONE’ features a removable power bank, approved by all airlines, to charge devices on the go. 2 bluetooth trackers (one for the luggage and one for the laptop case) have also been added, to ensure the smart luggage does not become lost. last but not least, ‘ONE’ uses only high quality materials, such as silent wheels, YKK zippers and a premium polycarbonate shell to protect belongings inside. in essence, the design employs a sleek aesthetic and a number of genuinely useful features to make traveling as smooth as possible.


Marc Sapetti, mar 28, 2019

From Designboom