A new material called ‘Metalface’ opens up endless new design opportunities.


japanese company kenma inc. recently launched ‘metalface’, an innovative metallic resin that brings endless applications that turn surfaces into interactive displays. its aesthetic is indistinguishable from real metals and it has the ability to trasmit light and radio waves, making it extremely functional. in addition, it does not corrode enabling the products to be light and thin, revolutionizing the way people use and think about metal as a design material.


the features make the material ideal for electronic products, mobility devices and robots. since regular metal can’t transmit light or radio waves, it is also expected to become a substitute for traditional metal in the coming years. the ‘metalface’ material displays information, transmits radio waves like 5G and can be operated by touch.


some of the applications the designers thought of include placing it as the car panel and dashboard, as signage and displays in the trains, as an elevator control panel in the mobility sector. it can aid smart house monitors and digital display of home appliances such as refrigerator, bathroom, bathtub controls and any sensor that controls the house. it also works for more personal devices such as smart devices, touch units like calculators and keyboards, contactless payment terminal and card reading panels.


the material comes in endless metallic hues, providing infinite possibilities for designers. it can also be manipulated using the conventional ‘metal printing’ and finishing techniques such as hairline etching, blasting, 3D effects like embossing, and others. this is enabled by adjusting the unique printing pattern and the thickness of special ink, producing light and shadow that evokes a 3D effect. evidently the uses are infinite, bringing an innovative

product name:  ‘metalface’   creators:  kenma inc.  From  designboom

product name: ‘metalface’

creators: kenma inc.

From designboom