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Mobile App, ‘STASH’ Categorises Digital Links You Save

The challenge that nearly every bookmarking site on the internet has is one of organisation. Sites such as Pinterest use ‘boards’, but require users to spend time meticulously categorising their own bookmarks. New bookmarking site, Stash – nicknamed the AI Librarian – automatically organises your bookmarks by category, such as articles and recipes. There is also a search functionality and tags can be added to create sub categories. It's social component allows users to send and receive bookmarks, plus snooze bookmarks for a later stage.

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Put a travel agent in your pocket

In the mobile era, having a functional app that makes things easier for travelers seems like a no-brainer. Virgin America's new app puts a travel agent in your pocket. Virgin America aims to make booking and managing your flights as easy as it would be with a travel agent with its new app by the digital product design firm, Work & Co.

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