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Minimalist "Raven" Scooter Makes Urban Traveling a Pleasure

Italian scooter company, CityBirds, is changing the way people approach their daily commute. Nicknamed, ‘Raven’, the company’s lightweight uber-functional and stylish range of scooters aims to take the stress out of getting from A to B. The carbon-fibre body on Raven is both an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transport. The streamlined shape on the kick scooter means that it is light, yet stable and stylish – plus collapsible for easy carrying. 

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BMW’s Self-Driving Motorcycle

BMW has unveiled a new concept that is so safe, you won’t need a helmet. The motorrad VISION NEXT 100 looks far into the future to reimagine two wheel transport as a pure and unbounded ride experience which keeps the rider safe with assistive systems which means no need for a helmet. This is achieved through the vast and high-intelligent connectivity between rider, motorcycle and the environment. 

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Put a travel agent in your pocket

In the mobile era, having a functional app that makes things easier for travelers seems like a no-brainer. Virgin America's new app puts a travel agent in your pocket. Virgin America aims to make booking and managing your flights as easy as it would be with a travel agent with its new app by the digital product design firm, Work & Co.

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