The greatest chicken cleaver the world has ever seen


Machado, for Nando's (33 countries) - Nando’s, the fast-growing global restaurant group, sells the world’s most exciting peri-peri chicken through over 1000 restaurants in 33 countries. As Nandocas (Nando’s people) say, “It’s the people that make the chicken.”, meaning that grilling perfect peri-peri chicken is an art. So when Nando’s asked us to design a cleaving knife to slice chicken, what they actually wanted was both an awesome piece of equipment and a way of honoring great work at the grill. The Machado is made in Portugal, by an award-winning family of knife artisans. Years of design and testing have made it perfectly balanced for a talented Nandoca griller to chop over 200 chickens per shift. 

Industrial Design / User Experience / Durability Testing / Packaging Design / Sourcing Support

The Machado hangs on its heart. The handle is grasped over an imprint of soul. Heart and soul - two things Nando's holds dear in all its people.