The cervical cancer product that saved lives before it was even made


Gynocular for Gynius - Stockholm, Sweden - Cervical cancer is treatable if diagnosed early but it remains a major cause of female mortality, especially in the developing world. This is because accurate screening is not universally available. The gold standard for screening is through the use of an optical device called a colposcope. The Gynocular is a new type of colposcope which replaces conventional models at a fraction of the size and cost. This makes it feasible in every situation around the world where accurate screening is required. We designed the Gynocular in collaboration with 10xBeta, electronics genius Dennis Greenwood and our optical partners, delivering the end-to-end development of the Gynocular from the technology selection and market understanding to full optical, mechanical, and electronic design - including sourcing. 

Market Understanding / Industrial Design / Mechanical Design / Electronic Design / Optical Design / User Experience / Sourcing Support

The Gynocular is pocket-sized and only weighs 480g. It is powered by one of the world's most popular Li-ion batteries, for easy replacement almost anywhere.

The full electro-mechanical and optical design presented severe demands in packaging, heat management, durability and usability. 

Watch the video to see the Gynocular's inutitive usability.