Magical elegance in a remote control that easily handles all your devices


Universal Remote Control for Smart IT - Aalborg, Denmark - Smart IT sells technology accessories in Northern Europe and the U.S. and has built an excellent business by supplying commodity products to retailers. The business challenge the Smart IT CEO brought to us was to create higher margin products to break out of his existing model.


The winning combination was to work with the Smart IT team in Denmark to create products that appealed to a Scandinavian sensibility. For this universal remote control, our industrial design team had to dig deep to rethink the functionality of living room entertainment devices, digging through endless user manuals and screen menus to clear the clutter. But the result is supreme functional elegance instead of hundreds of buttons randomly spread over the device.

Industrial Design / User Experience / Durability Testing / Packaging Design / Sourcing Support

REMOTE-25may04-sketch-iso2 copy.JPG

The controller has a radical simplicity, considering it controls 9 devices - it combines common functions logically and uses neat integration between devices to keep things straightforward.